Get The Look: Pete Doherty

This week’s for the boys. A stalwart on both the best and worst dressed lists, you can’t deny that Pete’s style has something. Here Emily Solan is going to show you how you too can get his scruffy sex appeal.

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  • Accessories – Pete is rarely seen without some form of accessory, with his favourites appearing to be his Rosary Beads (as seen on a few other celebs recently), some form of headwear, usually his trusty trilby, a festival favourite spotted every summer, and occasionally some knatty scarf or a skinny tie.
  • Tailored suit – Doherty often uses these to shows his more respectable side to your mum. When teamed with a skinny tie and your shirt not quite tucked in, you get his “just got offstage after being ravaged by fans” look with none of the effort of learning to play an instrument and forming a band.
  • Polo Shirt – For the more casual moments, the polo shirt and skinny jeans are your best friend. Pete’s look harks back to the 60’s mods, 80’s indie and 90’s Britpop, this is a tried and trusted look. For the best polo shirts try Fred Perry, but nowadays most high streets stock a wide selection, just pick the colours to suit your style.
  • Leather Jacket – It’s all about the battered, the better with Pete’s look. For one of these a vintage shop is your best friend, highly recommended is Rare Ape on Holmeside in Sunderland.

So here are my top tips for stealing Pete’s look:

  • Polo Shirt – As I said before, you’re best off looking at Fred Perry to nail Pete’s look. The original slim-fit polo cost £45 and comes in a variety of different colour ways, so you can pick and mix to get just the look you’re after.
  • Skinny Ties – Available from £10 Stick to just plain black like Pete, or they offer a wide variety of colours and prints to suit your mood.
  • Trilby – You can find these anywhere, but you’re best bet for Pete’s signature summer straw trilby is to check out that little stall on the market that looks like your grandad should shop there, thye usually have the best hats.

The key to Pete’s look is pretty much look like you fell in the bin at the back of Oxfam, but with a little flair. So go out have fun and work the rock star look with none of the effort.


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