Veronica Falls

Touted as one of the forerunners in the C86 revival, Veronica Falls are a Scottish 4-piece that make some of the most beautiful noise you will ever hear. From the ethereal nature of current single Found Love In A Graveyard to the very nearly doowap sing along double A side song Starry Eyes, there is something special there.

Continuing their multitude of musical genres, Beachy Head is a faced paced dramatic little number, and the most obvious one to get the fans dancing. Thundering and monsterous, with the seemingly trademark eerie vocals, the band use boy/girl vocals to great effect with a call and response echo. Stephen is another thunderous moster, this time a joyous monster with lyrics celebrating times had and lost, for example ‘I’ll go anywhere if anywhere’s with you’. Adding in tambourines and jangly guitars make for a 80s style indie love song.

Covering some of the most obscure topics in song form, they do it with an air of mystery and sadness that is missing from much of today’s music. Haunting melodies are teamed with eerie tones throughout, yet the sounds are still fresh, raw and exciting enough to get an atmosphere going. Already signed up to appear at Indietracks Festival, 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch Festival and the Camden Crawl there’s plenty of opportunity to catch them, and most likely even more opportunities over the summer.


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