Alternative Style Icons

It seems that nowadays people have even lost the ability to be individual not only with their style, but with the people they regard to be stylish too. We all know the typical ones – Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham to name but a few – but what about those super stylish women who look great but remain under the radar? Here Emily Solan gives them the credit they deserve.

Anna Karina:


This Danish film actress from the 60’s had the fashion world at her feet. Her professional name ‘Anna Karina’ was devised by Coco Chanel herself, she had a the typical 60’s look – heavily lined eyes, blunt fringe and when mixed with her effortless every day chic, one beautiful woman was created. She was even stylish enough to carry off a beret!

Kate Jackson:


Lead singer of the now defunct indie band The Long Blondes, Kate’s style provided us a with a much missed link to the past. This vintage vixen was nominated for Sexiest Female at the NME awards 3 years in a row, and managed to place at 7 in the annual NME Cool List. Adding a touch of glam to a scene full of drab indie boys, she was never seen out of vintage outfits, this former librarian echoed the former glamour of such bands like Pulp, Blondie and shone heads and tails above the skinny jeaned masses.

Edie Sedgewick:


Now she may be far better known than the above two, but how many of those people who cite her as a style icon could actually describe her style? She is known for her androgynous look, which was very on trend in the 60s, but she placed far too much femininity to create an a totally androgynous look. The influence of Edie can be seen today with the strong emphasis on a heavy lined eye with a paler lip to add drama to the face, and the pixie crop is still a massive look for hair this season.

Florence Welch:


She is officially making being ginger cool again. Her mismatch, crazy stage outfits have hit the fashion world by storm, and more people are getting the courage to copy her looks. My easiest suggestion would be to copy some of her downtime looks – brogues and lace dresses, rather than attempting her rather full on ‘disco bat’ look!

Karen O:


On face value her outfits seem a bit out there, but to add an extra dimension to your outfit follow Karen O’s lead. She ’s not afraid to use bold colours and accessories to stand out, which is something that anyone can do. While her outfits can be a tad over the the top, it’s this unique take on style that sets her high above many others in the fashion stakes. Karen O’s influence has increased greatly ove the last few years, and her personal designer Chrisitan Joy was commissioned to create a range for Topshop, making Karen O’s look more accesible.


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