Top 5 Songs

So since I have a couple of days before I head back to uni, I’m going to get get back into the swing of things and go High Fidelity on you all. The following is the my all-time top 5 bands and reasons why.

1) The Libertines – This is a predictable choice for a self proclaimed ‘indie’ girl but I cannot help but love these boys. It would be cliche to say (but true) that these guys changed my life as I know. Had my Dad not brought their second album home, I’d probably still be sat listening to Avril Lavinge and Foo Fighters in big baggy jeans (so not me). The sheer romanticism of the relationship brings tears to my eyes, especially finally seeing them live this summer, and the songs are still as meaningful to me today as they were five years ago.

2) Los Campesinos! – The most underrated band in Britain in my eyes, and every time I listen to them I cannot help but smile. They’re on the playlist at work and whenever I hear the opening to You! Me! Dancing! I have to try so hard not to go crazy and start dancing (save that for when I’m at home alone and can dance around in my underwear!). I first saw these live two years ago at Bradford St Georges Hall, to a tiny crowd but they didn’t seemed phased at all as every person there loved them. Seeing them this summer and how much they have progressed in these years has made me realise how truly thankful I was I discovered them when I did, they’ve got me through a lot.

3) The Smiths – I was a late bloomer to the genius of this band, as I know how much my parents love them, but as I got over the whole, liking the same music as my parents thing, I fell deep in love with them. Lyrical genius, and songs that when I listen to them I instantly feel better (and its not like I only have a few, I have 133 Smiths songs on my iPod) and I do now love the fact that it is something I can share with my Dad, and eventually I’ll get all the original vinyls off him.

4) Xiu Xiu – This is only a recent favourite band, but I love how different this is to a lot of the other stuff I listen to. I discovered them at the perfect time too, as some sentiments in the lyrics I really connect with, these have not so much helped me through a horrid time in my life, more helped me see what was going wrong. I’m so excited to see these for the first time in one of my favourite venues ever, The Brudenell in Leeds, I jsut can’t wait to experience the whole atmosphere and I can already feel that it will be special.

5) Manic Street Preachers – This is another one of those bands I grew up with, that I was destined to love. Drilled into me at birth, the house is full of Manics memorabilia, and constantly at full blast, there was never a moment without them. This upcoming tour is the first that my Mum is not going to see them on, and it kind of feels like the end of an era. Much as I prefer the earlier stuff (Generation Terrorists is my favourite album ever, can’t wait to own it on vinyl) some of the new stuff they’re coming up with amazes me. A band as old as me, and I do sincerely hope that they carry on a whole lot longer, though I refuse to ever go see them and ruin the idea that I have in my head of them!

I could have included so many more bands and waxed lyrical here, but I restrained myself! If I have time between packing tomorrow, I’ll do my all time favourite albums list (this may or may not happen, depends how far I get through sorting out my wardrobe).


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