Top 5 Albums

So we’re at my top five albums, no pussyfooting around, straight in there.

1) Generation Terrorists – Manic Street Preachers – I genuinely believe this could be my favourite album of all time. Released in the year of my birth (I feel old) the pure anger, anthema and ideologies contained within the songs just captivated my imagination and have stuck with me ever since my first listen.

2) Yeah So – Slow Club – Just a simply wonderful album. Full of songs about love and lost, whenever I fall into one of my ‘I’m fed up of being lonely and alone’ moods I always put it on, the songs somehow just cheer me up. And they’re truly beautiful live, and experience I’ll remember forever.

3) Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand – The first proper album that I loved and was a gift from my Grandparents to help lure me out of my mosher phase. These were also the first proper band I went to see live (after S Club 7 *shudder*) on the day John Peel died, so I’ll forever remember it as such an amazing time, made me realise how cool my Dad actually is.

4) Please Please Me – The Beatles – Most people think that this is weaker than Sgt Peppers or Abbey Road and part of me is inclined to agree, but this is The Beatles at their best. Youthful innocence and songs that you can actually dance to, full of sentiment and I just completely love ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, every single little thing about it (I also love that Matt plays it whenever I ask for it at Independent).

5) Entanglements – Parenthetical Girls – This was a really difficult choice, there are so many albums I could have included but this eventually won. I love the dramatics of this entire album, from the Windmills Of Your Mind cover, to Four Words. However, I completely fell in love with this album and this band the moment I heard A Song For Ellie Greenwich, simply haunting and beautiful.

Final installment of this will come on Sunday after I’ve moved (I still need to finish packing) and then you will all be treated to my all time top five songs, and then I officially start back at uni, scary thought!


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