Topshop Student Zine 2009

So here’s a piece that I had published in there. Its not the best I ever wrote, but it was a term into my journalism degree that it got published.

Sunderland may not be as highly regarded as some other towns and cities in the UK but it has it’s own little gems. First up are the 2 vintage shops – Era Vintage and Rare Ape. Era is full of LA finds from former model and owner Carly Walkington, and is where I got an amazing ‘Welcome To LA’ necklace, wheras Rare Ape not only does run of the mill vintage but also reworked pieces sourced from all over the country.

Another highlight in Sunderland is Independent. This club runs nights on a Monday, Friday and Saturday, and puts on gigs during the week. Recent artists that have played include Hadouken and The Automatic, with other big names set to arrive in the new year. The venue is most popular on a Monday night, when their ‘Happy Mondaze’ night, perhaps the cheapset drinks in town, with singles from 30p and Jagerbombs only 50p.

Finally there is the amazing shop that is Sweet Home Alabama. This traditional sweet shop stocks all the old sweets you remember from your childhood and teen years, with some great gift ideas (i.e get someone you love a massive jar full of sweets, I know I’d love that!) and the traditional pick ‘n’ mix stand that everyone needs everyonce in a while.

So there you are, my hotspots in Sunderland. There may well be plenty more, but since I’ve only been here just under 3 months I’m yet to discover all of the city’s little treasures!



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