Carl Barât – Carl Barât

Carl has been many things in his time: a Libertine, a Dirty Pretty Thing, a Chav but this solo venture surpasses many of his previous efforts. Exuding glamour and drama from the off, this solo album covers many of the typical Barât lyrical themes, but this time with his aged experience rather than boyish fantasy.

Album opener The Magus lets us know exactly what we’re in for, sweeping melodies and lyrical assaults, exactly what Barât does best.  Lead single Run With The Boys provides the expected indie chart hit of late, but it’s the more experimental elements of the album that appeal most. The Fall has all the classic elements of a good pop song, right down to the eerily fitting music box tones.

With Je Regrette, Je Regrette, Barât back to his usual disenchanted melodies of yester year, this time aching over his past actions. A song that’s sure to appeal to Libertines fans and become a staple fan favourite live also. She’s Something is yet another sweeping output, sure to be popular. Simpler than some of the other songs on the album, but no less appealing, succinctly summing up every man’s feeling on that special person. Perfect for an uplift on a melancholic day.

Overall the album shows great progression from Barât, a valiant attempt to step out of the shadows of his for bands (and band mates). His eponymous debut solo album is full of tunes to appeal to fans of all previous incarnations and with promise of more to come, and an upcoming solo tour, the future looks bright for Carl Barât.


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