The View, Independent, Sunderland 20th November

The first of many major acts heading to Sunderland, The View put on a highly energetic headline show on Monday, November 20, in anticipation of their third album to be released next year. With a perfect mix of old and new songs alike, the crowd were definitely up for the gig if the raucous chants of ‘The View Are On Fire’ are anything to go by.

While one support band The Red Suns were not to my taste, sounding like an early 90s Liverpool indie band, but second supports The Controls got the crowd worked and ready for the headline act. Covering T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy was a risk but they also have a fair few hits of their own.

Taking to the stage to rapturous applause, The View kicked off in fine style with fan favourite Wasteland, form the boys debut album Hats Off To The Buskers. They continued their set on top form, with their set-list including hits Superstar Tradesman and Wasted Little DJs, but forgoing their most popular single for their cover of Squeeze’s Up The Junction. There were no complaints however from the audience with the lack of Same Jeans and Face For The Radio, as the new songs debuted showed the same high quality as ever, especially first single Sunday.

A sold-out gig ending with a shambolic version of Shock Horror really hit home the popularity of the band, whose cheeky grins didn’t leave their faces all night. Clearly the boys are back with a bang, and the people of Sunderland are well and truly up for celebrating their return.

(Originallly from, where I’m the music editor!)


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