Time For Heroes

They tell you to never meet your heroes as they’ll always disappoint you. However this is not always the case. Last night I had the pleasure to meet (I say meet, I mean end up being pushed in to his arms by a throng of people and end up stinking of him when I finally got home at 6am this morning) the lovely Mr Carl Barat, of numerous bands these days. my arm is also currently signed by him therefore I am severely tempted not to wash it!

Now anyone who read this regularly will understand what this means to me. I’m a simple girl of simple pleasures, so just being in the same room as him was good enough for me. I must say I have met him once before, when I was 15, which seems forever ago now, and he is genuinely one of the nicest people. Last night he was happy to oblige to whatever the fans wanted, song requests, autographs, and even at one point he had a habit of stealing peoples cameras and photographing his Libertines tattoo for them.

And I’m pleased to say he didn’t just do the usual celebrity DJ set. He actually got into it, interacted with the fans, passed round the Sambuca, and danced as much as he could. He and Didz may have made a few cock-ups but thats life. Oh and the fact that the main cock-up was resurrected with Don’t Look Back Into The Sun may have helped. Hell they even had to replace the barrier halfway through the set as the original one croaked it! That man means an awful lot to a lot of people.

So now its a new month and a new semester at uni, I feel slightly guilty for missing half of this week as I’m off to London tomorrow to see Los Campesinos! and my wonderful friend Katie (though I’m far too poor to actually do anything!) so I may not update for a while. To tide you over I’ll schedule some pieces that I’ve done recently for various sites, as I really should keep on top of that!

Oh and for anyone wondering my 31 Songs Challenge is on a hiatus, purely for 2 reasons, I’m busy with uni again now, and I’m struggling to think of songs! It seemed like a good idea at the time. However I am working on a new project, more of which later!


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