An Interview With Summer Camp

It’s that time of year again where we all make (and break) resolutions, and everyone in the music industry gets to together to tell you who you should like. So here at Spark magazine we thought we’d get in on the action. Here’s our list of the names you’re going to see in lights next year.

1. Summer Camp (SC)

A Boy/Girl duo consisting of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, better than The Ting Tings I promise. They write coming of age inspired tunes, with the ability to soundtrack anything from your house party to a remake of an eighties classic. Here I managed to catch up with them in a not so serious interview with them:

Spark Magazine (SM): How did Summer Camp form?

SC: Summer camp formed in 1984 when we were both completely drunk and staying at my Grandma’s house in Connecticut.

SM: “What do you have planned for next year?

SC: “Well we’re currently recording our debut album, and feeling utterly terrified about whether or not people will like it. So that will be coming out next year, then we’re going to America for a month, and will probably cut off all our hair in about June.”

SM: “You appear to have a little obsession with John Hughes movies, if you could be any character from any of his movies who would you be?


Elizabeth: I would be Duckie. Without a doubt. Duckie would be some incredible designer/superstar/artist by now. Or actually maybe he’d just be working in an In and Out burger and bemoaning his immense weight gain. Whatever, he’s awesome.

Jeremy: I would be the cameraman. Because then I get to see all the action and I’d have all the control.

SM: “So if this year has been all about ‘chillwave’, what obscure genre are you touting for next year?

SC: “We have no idea what chillwave is, but it sounds nice right? Next year it’s going to be all about witch house. And maybe a bit of glo-folktronica-meets-NSync-on-crack.

SM: “And finally, which bands are you tipping for next year?

SC: “Umm. Pulp.”

Take from that what you will. Check them out at



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