Dum Dum Girls – He Gets Me High EP

(taken from http://www.freedomspark.co.uk, a great music site run by one of my best mates, one of the best sites around at the minute!)

Opening with the typical melodic, lovelorn, grunge pop that we’ve grown to expect from theDum Dum GirlsWrong It’s Right is the perfect opener and set to soundtrack many summers, mine included! The sweeping melodies set the tone for the EP, and title track He Gets Me Highis the antidote to ridiculous love songs, full of enough scuzz and reverb to make you forget about Rihanna and chart lot, and I know which I’d prefer.

Take Care Of My Baby is a Spector-esque haunting, almost goodbye song, mourning the traits of a loved one, with lead singer Dee Dee Penny musing ‘Take care of my baby, I don’t think he can do it himself”. Choosing to end the EP with a cover of my all-time favourite Smiths song could clearly end in disaster, but this girl-group take on it gives it a whole new dimension.

On the whole, ‘He Gets Me High’ is girl-group grunge, full of scuzz and reverb and haunting melodies that match the sunny days we’re now getting. This will certainly end up as some of the most played songs on my iPod, and hopefully you’ll follow suit.



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