Top 5 gigs

This has seemed to have been a talking point for the last few days so I thought I’d stick my oar in and give you a rundown of my own favourite gigs from recent years.

5. Little Man Tate, The Cockpit, Leeds, May 22nd 2009

I love Little Man Tate, I was incredibly upset when they split up. They had a little bit something more to them than a lot of other lad-rock bands around at the time, a little bit of cheek. This was a gig to promote their newest album, so it was great to hear some of the new tracks, I think my favourite was probably Audrey Hepburn. The support were great that night as well, as far as I can remember it was Blah Blah Blah. I love this gig for other reasons too, I think it was the last one that I went to with my Dad! Sounds uncool but he is a bit of a legend, he went to see the NME Awards tour with Glasvegas, Florence et al, and loves to rub in that he’s seen Florence and I haven’t!

4. Lightspeed Champion, The Cluny, Newcastle, May 9th 2010

I actually worked this gig and got a nice chat with Dev before and after the gig and I can contest that he is one of the nicest people ever! This is the gig that my header photo is taken from as well. His whole band were so lovely that night, and they did the most wonderful Beach Boys cover that I’m distraught I’ve managed to lose it!

3. Underage Festival, Victoria Park 2006

This was the first festival I ever went to on my own, and free of charge (I’ve not paid for a single gig on this list so far!). The line up was so good, I managed to see Mumm-Ra, Pull Tiger Tail, Patrick Wolf, The Teenagers, Cajun Dance Party, Young Knives, The Metros and so many more! It does make me sad though to think how may of those bands have since split up.

2. The Cribs, St Georges Hall, Bradford, March 7th 2009 AND Los Campesinos! Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, February 2nd 2011

I love these gigs equally (and I kind of needed to cheat to fit all my gigs in!) There are so many I’ve missed out, like Los Camp! at the same venue in Bradford around the time of Hold On Now Youngster, but these two gigs were amazing. The Los Campesinos! one was so emotional and has been incredibly difficult to top so far this year, they played pretty much a perfect set list for me and the crowd and band just seemed to connect brilliantly (I will post my review of it in a bit just to make my point!). The Cribs gig was the first time I ever saw them, ran straight to the front and spent the rest of my night there, had to sit through school the next day in so much pain, proudly wearing my Cribs tee, that I just so happen to be wearing today too. The Thermals were the support band, and I fell in love with them after that gig too, even if I did have to stand in the snow waiting for my Dad to pick me up when he was on his way back from the NME gig!

1. Leeds Festival, 2010

Ahhh The Libertines, The Maccabees, The Cribs, The Futureheads, The Gaslight Anthem, We Are Scientists, Los Campesinos!, The Drums, The Big Pink, Blink-182, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lost Prophets, Biffy Clyro, Two Door Cinema Club, Eddie Argos, Egyptian Hip Hop, or pretty much my perfect weekend. The Sunday almost tops the Friday (I say almost, but it’s hard to beat The Libs!) if just for the sheer amount of running around I did, and having Cookie Dough ice cream fro breakfast whilst sat watching Gaaggle at 11.3o in the morning! Most of that weekend I just ended up getting squashed, but it was great to get to get to see bands that I’d never seen before and ones that I hadn’t seen for years. It makes me sad to think I’ll miss it this year …. Lollapalooza though!




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