Glasvegas – Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\

(I’ve been procrastinating too much this week, but here’s a piece I managed to get done on the new Glasvegas album for You can also check out my review over on http://www.sunderlandscene,

Opening with an unexpected spoken word, almost art piece ‘Pain Pain, Never Again’,’EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\’ is full of surprises. In comparison to the band’s previous effort, this is a stadium monster in waiting, showcasing a stronger side to the band, both lyrically and musically.

Second track ‘The World Is Yours’ has been widely available for a while, and stands as the clearest indication of the bands own expectations. Full of soaring guitars and sing along choruses, this is an album full of songs that are meant to be played to enormous arenas.

‘Shine Like Stars’ is another stand out track, highlighting the bands more electric, almost synth-like new approach. Alongside the new electronic sound there also sits a stronger percussive sound, improved with the introduction of Jonna Löfgren. Combining all of this with James Allen’s Scottish drawl the album presents an increasingly modern interpretation of the sounds from the first album.

While there are standout tracks on the album, a lot of it does feel too much like filler. With the new epic scale of the band, especially noticeable in the most recent single ‘Euphoria, Take My Hand’, some tracks fall flat on repeated listens.

‘I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality Pt1)’ and ‘Change’ are numbers that seemingly drag on the album, especially in comparison with the shorter and snappier singles from the album. ‘Change’, however, is particularly similar in tone to ‘Daddy’s Gone’, with James Allen’s mother even providing guest vocals on the track.

As a whole, the album has enough brilliant tracks to carry the weaker ones, all in all producing a decent second album attempt from the band. The stadium rock direction in which they seem to be heading helps bring out the strength in Allen’s voice, and if they carry on at this rate, who knows what will happen come album 3?


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