Why I Love Record Store Day

Or I could call this why I love records in general. I’m completely opposed to those beliefs held in a certain magazine’s blog, the fact that a supposed music journalist has led me to completely lose faith in that entire magazine.

Personally, I didn’t always love records. I preferred just to have everything easy and accessible. But records have always been a part of my life, be it playing with my Dad’s when I was about 3 years old, or freezing my ass off flyering outside of Lightspeed Champion gigs, on the promise of exclusive items.

I’ll the height if my fangirlism here, the first record I bought myself was by Los Campesinos! I bought this long before I had a record player, I just wanted something physical and I had all of their albums on CD so the next step was obvious. And ‘International Tweexcore Underground’ is a pretty fantastic colour, so even if I couldn’t play it I could sit and stare in marvel (I’m painting myself to be pretty weird right now).

The last vinyl I bought was Goo by Sonic Youth, one of my favourite albums, alongside Velvet Underground and Nico, and Romance Is Boring, and owning all of these on vinyl I feel makes my life better slightly. This may sound weird, but even when I’m not playing them there’s something special about them sitting there, in the fantastic granny bag in which I store all my records.

I finally got around to buying my record player when I got a bursary from my Uni last year, without that I don’t think I would have been able to afford it. Now it’s one of my most treasured possessions. It goes on after a long, stressful day at work, while I sit and read in bed with my fairy lights on (am too much of an indie cliche here?) or when I’m getting ready to go out, it sounds so much better than my tinny macbook speakers.

So Record Store day then. Its a mystical celebration celebrating ‘a dead art form’, where anyone can head along to their local store and find something for them. Even though record collectors are a certain stereotype (cheers for that Nick Hornby), absolutely  anyone can join in from the casual collector, to the seasoned pro, to the newly converted. The day is made an event of, with bands providing in-store performances, or bonuses exclusive to certain stores, to make it that little extra special. I’m gutted this year that a) I’m far too poor to afford anything for Record Store Day b) I’ll be working a full shift on the other side of Newcastle to my favourite record store and c) that if I lived with my Dad in Chicago I’d be able to see one of my favourite bands Owen doing an instore at Reckless Records.

So if you don’t normally buy records, do something for Record Store Day, even if it’s just popping in to browse. Don’t let the majors dictate for the majority, help that minority that will forever support the ‘indies’. You never know what could happen ….


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