The Horrors – Still Life

I missed this on Zane’s show earlier, the only downside to living in a student flat with miserable internet, but here’s my two-pence worth on the new Horrors track.

Firstly, I adore The Horrors. They have the ability to draw out emotions in me that most bands fail to achieve. Whether that’s them or the memories I associate with them I don’t know, but its there. So I can’t really look at the song objectively, as I have adored everything they’ve done. I mean, I even loved the comedy goth era of Strange House …

Still Life is a continuation of the growth we saw in Primary Colours, and now I’m on my third listen it continues to grow. Echoing the psychedelia that won over an indie generation to earn them a Mercury nomination, part of it feels like a cast off from Primary Colours, and this makes me incredibly wary. Have they attempted to do a Primary Colours part 2, or are we being gently eased into the new album?

Skying has the potential to be the one of the best albums of 2011, as long as the band aren’t sticking to a the belief that we need another Primary Colours. As much as I love that album, its loved purely for the experimental nature of the sound, and as long of the band develop along this vein I’m pretty sure it’ll be perfect.

And to be honest, as I listen to it right now in a dingy student room, it does that fabulous thing of removing you to another world. So yes I may be sat here in pjyamas and a floral headband, but as it continuously plays I’m on the other side of the world in the sunshine. Basically to sum it by way of my last tweet about it:

If I could marry a song, I’d be the happiest girl alive right now!

Its a very nice escape from revision hell right now anyway …


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