Wild Beasts, Gateshead Old Town Hall, May 5th

(also posted on http://www.freedomspark.co.uk, a fantastic music and culture blog, run by my friend Katie, more updates of my work tomorrow, I’m trying to spread everything out during stress season!)

Starting a new tour for a new album is always hard, and is most likely extremely intimidating to be starting in the picturesque setting of the Old Town Hall in Gateshead. This said, Wild Beasts played fantastically, even through the trials and tribulations of heckles and lighting failures. As Hayden himself put it “The best things happen in the dark, wink wink”.

Starting the night off were the ever so lovely Summer Camp; their songs, filled with reminisce of yester year loves and all the regrets you could ever have, are the perfect,  hazy accompaniment to the balmy summer-esque days we’ve been having recently. Firm favourites ‘Veronica Sawyer’ and ‘Ghost Train’ are played out to an ever-increasing crowd, but it was relative newie ‘I Want You’ with its thunderous pop notions that really stood out for me.

Joined on stage by Sky Larkin’s Katie Harkin, there was no messing about for Wild Beasts. Oozing around the stage like an ethereal sex god, Hayden Thorpe displayed his incredible vocal talent introducing ‘Loop The Loop’ and ‘Deeper’, from new album Smother, building madness in the crowd as they drop ‘All The King’s Men’ and recent single, ‘Albatross’. They successfully manage to translate their newfound record’s mature sound to a live atmosphere; the new tracks debuted tonight managed to stand out from much loved tracks ‘Hooting & Howling’ and ‘Two Dancers. ‘

Alongside reactions to Smother on it’s release on Monday, this tour should help catapult Wild Beasts into their rightful position as one of, if not the, best British band around.


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