Emmy The Great – Virtue

(also posted on http://www.freedomspark.co.uk, which I also gave a little cheeky mention when I was on 6music with Steve Lamaq)

Being a music fan can be harsh. Seemingly being fed a deluge of lad-rocks finest and Lady Gaga at the minute, Emmy The Great is what we need. Second album Virtue is something all of it’s own, astoundingly beautiful, full of emotion, and if I’m being honest it’s practically perfect.

Starting at the end of the album, Trellick Tower is the perfect end to this album. A slow, poetic piano ballad, full of wistfullness and mourning, it makes you want to start all over again and fall into Emmy’s world (the reason I started this review here).

Dinosaur Sex is a brilliant opening. While other bands are worrying about their next shag after they’ve broken up, or pleading lovers to take them back, Emmy sings a song about dinosaur sex leading to nothing, and it being an analogy for the potential relationship. I like the way that girl thinks.

The album is a whole lot darker at times then her rather twee debut, but that’s what’s to be expected. It a more mature sound on Virtue, covering significantly more ground than First Love.  The newfound depth of the song aids this mature side, with a richer sound produced by the multitude of instruments on the album.

The stand out track on this album has to be Creation. A gloriously slow brooding track, with Emmy’s haunting vocal layered ever so gently across the top creates a mournful track that haunts your head for days (believe me). Segueing straight into the much faster paced Sylivia highlights the brilliance of this album.

With such a mixture of track atmospheres and sounds there is a danger that it wouldn’t work, yet somehow Virtue manages to do just that. Whether it be leaps in tempo or changes in mood, the album flows. So it may sound dreadful if you decide to shuffle it (and if you are one of those people I advise you not to, it ruins every album) but as full album, listen to it all at once then repeat it all over again, you’ll be infatuated just like that.


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