Birds Vs Planes – Sew Up The Sky

(Having finished Uni for the year means I have loads more time to write, and these next few are reviews of stuff that got sent to Freedom Spark. Don’t be afraid to email me anything you want reviewing, the email address is on the About page)

Opening like a filler track fro the Two Door Cinema Club album is enough to put any one off a song, but persevering with it made me realise how woefully I had underestimated this debut single from the band. With some fantastic vocal harmonies from lead singer Jenny Jones, the typical indie art-rock is given a complete edge. At times sounding like The Maccabees (which makes me completely adore this song), it’s sing along nature means every man and his dog will be chanting these lyrics in the fields (though I would advise to avoid these as they’ll never get the almost ethereal harmonies right). The song is nice enough, the harmonies help to make it stand out, but for me it’s more than a tad indie-rock-by-numbers.


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