Artmagic – I Keep On Walking EP

A concept EP is always a grey area, even if it involves Suede guitarist Richard Oakes, but I Keep On Walking is a wondrous release. Focusing upon the possibly fictional story of three intertwined lovers, and manages to encapsulate the surrounding emotions in all of the tracks.

It may come across as an extraordinarily melancholic set of tracks, but the melodic charms of Sean McGhee vocals almost crooning over the top are a delight. With production by him also, they maintain the drama surrounding the subject matter.

The final track, atmospheric piano-led ballad Heaven is Here (Quiet) is by far the best track here, but the entire EP is mesmerising, managing to depict the story, yet remain artistic integrity. The haunting melodies remain for hours after listening, and nothing captures this better than the epic titular track I Keep On Walking.

The understated nature of The Sleeper also stands out in the EP; it sails along with an added air of mystery, enough to keep the listener entertained and enthralled. The EP is possibly too dark for these (not so) balmy summer days we’re not having, but when the album is released in September, it is quite likely to be perfect winter listening.


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