Summer Camp

My love for Summer Camp has pretty much been obvious from the off. Not only do they write some fantastic pop songs, but they share my adoration of John Hughes films (how many other bands would name a song after Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles) and American cult classics (Elizabeth’s obsession with Sweet Valley High does scare me sometimes). And they even mange to be genuinely lovely people too, or at least whenever I’ve met them they do.

So now the time has come for the release of their debut album, which is being released in conjunction with Pledge Music. I’ve always love the concept of Pledge Music (remember that time I paid £50 towards the last Grammatics EP and ended up with a ticket to their last ever show, the hand written lyrics to Relentless Fours and the letter M from their stage props? No? Well I did.) so here’s my little plea for you all to head here and do your bit for Summer Camp. Not only is there an adorable video from the two of them, but there are some bloody brilliant Pledges, many more than I can write about here, but here’s the Top 5 Pledges (in my opinion):

  1. A Unique Mix CD – who doesn’t love that special made mix-tape from someone special. Relive those feelings (I was born decades too late) by having one specially made by Summer Camp.
  2. One of Jeremy’s books – I am a self-confessed book nerd and genuinely excited by this one, a book can reveal a lot about a person ….
  3. Film Night – A film night with Summer Camp is possibly entirely predictable knowing at least part of their taste in films, but guaranteed to be one hell of a night!
  4. A batch of Elizabeth’s famous chocolate brownies – I’m a sucker for anything chocolate related and it even includes the recipe (yes I am leaning very far towards this option)
  5. Elizabeth’s sparkly jumpsuit – I saw her in this at Leeds last year, and we had a great discussion about it afterwords. I mean she wore it on the telly and everything!
Yes there are tons of other options that most people offer (signed cds and the like), gigs and other Summer Camp goodies, but I’m definitely leaning towards any of the above (read all!). And I hope some of you lot feel inspired to help out too. To get you in the mood to help out here’s a lovely photo of the pair, and the ever-so brilliant Ghost Train …

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