The Vaccines – Norgaard

I’m fully aware that not everyone likes The Vaccines as much as me, and that can also be said for a lot of the stuff I like, but you have to give the band credit for being able to churn singles out like nobody’s business. This most recent release is Norgaard, the bands’ ode to Danish supermodel Amanda Norgarrd. At a smidgen under 2 minutes in length, it’s barely a song, let alone a single, but package this riotous track with a deliciously cute video, as the band have done, and you’ve got it made. Watch it below, and read on to find out how you can star in the band’s next video.


Look, isn’t Justin adorable in his glasses?! No, just me? But off topic. As promised, here’s how to get involved. The band are teaming up with the free app to create a video entirely generated from fan photographs. And in typical British summer tradition, the band want your festival photographs, be it live photos or everyone wallowing in mud. To submit your pictures, simply tag them on with #vaccinesvideo and watch out for the video when its released. Don’t have an iPhone? Don’t worry, you can still submit images by sending them to So what are you waiting for? If you’re lacking inspiration, head over to the site to see photos submitted by others and get snapping!


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