(This is a little detour for me, writing about something other than music for a change, but it matches another of my passions, a love for all things vintage. Since this was originally posted on over on Spark, my wonderful friend Natasha snapped up a vintage record care kit for me from the site for my birthday, one of my favourite gifts ever!)

Everyone loves a bit of vintage, but it’s pretty hard to come by a decent item or even store, especially in Sunderland. Here’s where Thrift-ola comes in.

Storeowner Leona has painstakingly travelled the length and breadth of the country looking for the best items, which are lovingly put into her online store. And the great news is that unlike finding things on Ebay you don’t have to bid, pay an over-inflated amount due to the vintage tag or even do any of the hard work yourself! It’s already divided into specific categories, including Craft Club, Boudoir, Cocktail O’Clock and Kitchenette, making it incredibly easy to find what you’re after.

Alongside all the kooky kitchen items and second hand books in the store, Leona will be running a blog detailing her thrifting adventures, featuring hints and tips including the best places to go, and even follow her adventure with DIY and craft tips that she attempts along the way.

So as she says herself “Come and delve into the haberdashery; snap up all the stuff you need to host your own tea party or cocktail soiree and have it delivered to your doorstep in double quick time.”

Thrift-ola launches March 14th, go check out, and


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