Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – The Death Of You And Me

I’ll be honest with you here. Yes I do know I’m particularly late about this, and I will fully admit this is the first time I’ve brought myself to listen to this. Why you ask? After Beady Eye’s terrible effort, and Liam Gallagher’s general treatment of the whole affair (not to mention at times coming across like a petulant little child in interviews), I was frankly quite scared to listen to what could destroy the little love I had left for the Gallagher borthers and Oasis.

However, as a life long Noel fan (the man is a comedic genius, and this skill should have been utilised a long time ago), and with a heavy heart on came The Death Of You And Me. First thought? It’s far better than anything Beady Eye could ever hope to achieve, and frankly only serves to remind everyone who the talented brother is. It manages to encapsulate not only every brilliant memory of Oasis in one song, yet manages to sound distinctly different (though there is a definite Importance Of Being Idle vibe to the instrumental parts). And it’s actually quite brilliant, and the Western themed video fits with the demeanor of the track, and the inclusion of those trumpets, saxophones and god knows what else is particularly fantastic. It has an added grown up slink that was missing from Oasis’ later material, and no one can accuse it of being generic rock and roll, try saying the same about *cough* Beady Eye *cough*!

And now if I’m being honest, I’m pretty excited for this album to come out, especially if this is the start of better to come. I am pretty disappointed by the three tour dates Noel has announced in support, step it up man!


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