London Riots

Being stuck over here in Chicago while one of my beloved cities burns down while I can do nothing to help is currently getting to me. Over here there is so little  news coverage so I’m relying very much upon news reports and questionable Twitter updates to fill me in. And this morning (it’s about half 10 here) I was saddened to learn of the destruction of the Sony/PIAS warehouse in Enfield last night. As a distribution and storage point for so many independent labels and artists, it shows how the looters (I don’t think we can justifiably call them rioters anymore) have so little respect for what they are destroying. So many bands and labels that I utterly adore have been affected by this, its so difficult to sit here in another country and watch it all happening. Thankfully, a fundraiser for all those affected by this mindless destruction is already being organised (if you can do anything to help drop an email to, and follow the organiser’s twitter @fionchadd) and I urge you all to donate what you can to the fund that has been set up. You can also help by downloading music from the labels (listed here on the405) and you can click the link on there to donate and do your bit.

And on this subject, the lovely Reverend himself Jon McClure has stuck his oar in and uploaded the following video. I’m not even going to comment …


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