Tyrannosaurus Dead

This Brighton based band create something which I can only describe as jangle-ly grunge pop were first introduced to their shamelessly whoring themselves out on Twitter, in response to my tweet about my current Yuck obsession. Normally I’m not one that actually responds to people that do this, yet this time I thankfully thought better and gave them a listen.

Their self titled EP, which is to be released Cupboard Music very soon, is 3 tracks of grunge heaven. Opener 1992 fully encasulates the sound of the titular ear, yet they’ve managed to add a new fresh 2011 sound to it. Citing influences being everyone from Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr to Jesus & The Mary Chain (well aren’t they everyone’s influence this year? Just an observation), and the Teenage Fanclub, it’s very easy to pigeon-hole them.

Second track Silver is a Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-esque track, with something so effortlessly twee about it, especially considering the tracks it sits alongside. The looping, sweeping beauty contrasts brilliantly to the aggression in second track Smiling Politely. This is the track where it’s easy to pinpoint the influences, yet it somehow works to create something quite superb. Harsher than their peers Yuck, Tyrannosaurus Dead’s EP presents two sides to the same band, that ultimately come together to make one band with the potential to really do great things in the somewhat questionable current music scene. To listen for yourselves, head here, where you can also find out more about them, including upcoming live dates.



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