Best Coast – Our Deal

Best Coast for me represent the real slacker pop ideal, their delightfully summer tunes have resonated clearly with my life at times, yet the California tinge just makes it so much better than it is in my life. So teaming latest single Our Deal with a grimy, dark video shot by none other than Drew Barrymore (whose roller derby based film Whip It I completely adored) you have a recipe for perfection. Before I whittle on watch the video for yourself, then have a laugh at my meandering comments:


Taking it’s cues from gang rivalry a la West Side Story, it pitches a slew of those young, successful TV types to mooch around looking moody while the wonderful Bethany swoons and serenades us all. The song itself is another example of the band’s own superb ability to measure the perfect amount of love, lust and loss in a song. Barrymore’s version of the favourite love story is made all the more perfect with the twists and turns we see throughout, matching the song’s tempo brilliantly as we follow both Best Coast’s story telling and the visuals. The best bit? For me it has to be where the camera follows the wall round to that ridiculously romantic declaration, just after, well watch the video and see …


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