Miles Kane & The Death Ramps – Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Rider)

B-side to the fantastic Hellcat Spangled Shalalala, this Arctic Monkeys collaboration with Miles Kane (which to be frank was pretty inevitable) sounds more akin to something by Kane’s former outfit The Rascals or a long lost track from Humbug-era Monkeys, yet I’m not one to complain however much I disliked that particular period! The heavier sound is lead brilliantly by Matt Helders crashing drums, while Kane takes on the lead vocal adding a more clipped, and somewhat nasal vocal approach than Turner’s most recent almost crooner like approach. Combine this with guitars that somehow still have that signature Monkeys approach, almost Crying Lightning-esque at times, it seems the perfect partner for the most recent single, proving that the Monkeys (or maybe I should be referring to them as the Death Ramps, who knows?) haven’t quite gone completely soft yet. Don’t take my word for its brilliance, stream it over on the band’s Facebook page here.


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