So as I’m running out of things to think about (my head is clouded in American sunshine and a variety of classic literature and philosophy books) here’s a quick selection of smaller reviews I wrote that I never got around to posting. They’ll be either from or, so enjoy!

The Heartbreaks – Jealous Don’t You Know

With the guitar seemingly falling out of favour recently, this a prime example if what we’d miss of we loose it. Capturing the jingly nature of 1980’s pop like The Smiths and The Cure, Jealous Don’t You Know is a modern update, with the vocals of Matthew Whitehouse almost crooning over the top. Full of romantic longing and pleas, ending resolutely on the lyric “I’ll take my banged up Barbour jacket and leave”. Not the band’s strongest song to date, but given a festival atmosphere The Heartbreaks will be massive.

The Vaccines – All In White

Possibly the longest Vaccines track to date; All In White shows us a mellower side to the band. With prominence placed upon Justin’s voice rather than their stereotypical post-punk-esque guitars, this strangely melodic tale is one of the standouts on the album. Slower than their back catalogue to date, the song carries an air of euphoria alongside the slowness and comes across as a slightly gentler attack on the senses (I don’t know why, you’ll still end singing it for the next week or so, believe me, it’s been in my head since the album was released)

Summer Camp – Nobody Knows You

Alongside launching their PledgeMusic campaign this week (more on that later), those busy bees that are Summer Camp also released Nobody Knows You as a free download.

Straying away from their previous releases, Nobody Knows You verges more towards a darker electronic side of the band, rather than their decidedly twee, nostalgia infused offerings. Lead vocalist Elizabeth Sankey’s voice appears even more powerful than before, almost distorted beyond recognition but still manages to retain that glimmer of nostalgia and melancholy that makes it undeniably Summer Camp. This seemingly darker approach only begins to satisfy my excitement for what is on their soon to be released debut.

And on to that matter, the bands have teamed up with Pledge Music to release their full-length debut. Having worked with artists including Grammatics and Emmy The Great before, Summer Camp have wholeheartedly embraced the system, offering some truly unique pledges. So if you fancy a song written specially for you, a Summer Camp Summer Camp, the band to play at your house party or even a one of Jeremy Warmsley’s books from his personal collection, I urge you to get involved.


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