Glasvegas- Independent Sunderland, March 27th

This (and the next post) is taken form a blog I had to run for a module at University this year, the catchily titled Sunderland Scene, a hyperlocal blog based around the local music scene (it was pretty terrible, though I did celebrate the fact it had 14 fans on Faceboook!)

It’s difficult to watch a band pouring their heart and soul out on stage, literally dripping from head to feet in sweat being accused of miming, but thats what the not-so-good folk of Sunderland claimed tonight. But through the adversity the band put on a hell of a good show.

Whilst this was a warm up tour, gearing up for the release of the band’s new album Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\ on April 4th, very little was heard from this album. Previous singles Euphoria, Take My Hand and The World Is Yours were introduced early on in the set to really get the crowd going, with Shine Like Stars being the only other new track played as the night wore on.

Despite a strong opening few number from the band, including my own personal favourite It’s My Own Cheating Heart, various sections of the crowd were not happy, with one eager punter telling Allen to get on with it and sing live. Proceedings were very much brought to a holt after this, I wholeheartedly expected a fight to break out there and then. Ever the professionals the band got on with the show with Allen adjusting many of the lyrics to Polmont On My Mind to prove a point to the skeptical few.

Dropping their cover of Be My Baby into the live set seemed to soothe the crowd for a while before mass hysteria broke out on the frontline for Geraldine. Rounding the set off with Go Square Go and Ice Cream Van, the overall vibe was slightly disturbed by the crowds anticipation of an encore, especially after earlier events.Thankfully putting all ill feeling behind them, Allen and co returned to the stage to perform extremely emotional renditions of Flowers and Football Tops and S.A.D. Light followed finally by James letting the crowd take centre stage on the last chorus of Daddy’s Gone. New member Jonna’s first introduction may not have quite been what was expected, but a certainly energetic performance from her, and the rest of the band may not have won everyone over, but they’ll always have a place in my heart.


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