(So in an argh fuck it I’m getting on a plane back to England mood, I’ve dragged this and a couple of other belated pieces from the Faux archives, it’s still a ruddy good site and honestly you will only have to put up with filler posts for a couple more days …)

Describing themselves as “an alternative to burlesque, shit TV and bad boy band watching” it’s impossible to have any idea what you’re letting yourself in for by listening to Gaggle. Drapped in multi-coloured hooded capes, this 20-piece all female choir bring many suprises. As expected of a choir, the harmonies are the first element that you notice, but when combined with synthesisers and dubby electronic beats, the end result is choral music that, defying conventions, you can dance to. Clearly an intriguing concept, the lack of clear expectations makes the reality of Gaggle all the more exciting. Tipped on many lists for 2010, Gaggle’s debut single ‘I Hear Flies’ is out 22nd February on the tastemaking Transgressive Records. Check them out live whenever you can too, I managed to get a glimpse of them at Leeds Festival 2010 (whilst hungover and eating ice cream at 11 am) they’re bloody heavenly!


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