The Like – Wishing He Was Dead

(yet another old piece, I will be back to normal posting tomorrow, I promise! The benefit of these old pieces though is you can see how terrible I used to be at all this malarky!)

Soon to be released second album, Release Me, debuts a new mature side to American girl group The Like. New single ‘Wishing He Was Dead’ echoes back to 60s girl groups like The Shangri-Las and The Supremes, but still retaining that youthful essence of their debut, ‘Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?’. In the five years since their last release, the girls have gone thorough numerous line up changes and shelved sessions, but have come out with a follow up of the year. Produced by Mark Ronson, with support throughout the album from The Dap Kings, first single ‘He’s Not A Boy’ heralded the girls return with a new look and a new sound but ‘Wishing He Was Dead’ cements the bands reputation as one of the forerunners in the girl group revival.


(sneaky little live review slipped in here from The Ruby Lounge in Manchester!)

Having experienced an exciting, energetic set from The Like at Leeds festival a few weeks ago, Friday’s set at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester had something lacking. While the new songs had a certain spark to them, and a definite improvement from the girls first album, the lack of crowd support & interaction let the performance down.

Choosing local bands The Bora, Golden Glow and The Sticks to support was a sure fire way to bring in the crowds but there are downsides to playing to a room full of family and friends of your supports. Because only about half of the crowd were there for The Like, the crowd were going at it the most for the support, and who can question why when The Sticks covered Bad Romance…

With the crowd primed and ready for the main act, they sorely disappointed. Although not the bands fault mind, in a small intimate venue, like The Ruby Lounge, the show doesn’t work as there no room for the audience to dance and interact with the songs, but in the right setting The Like are a truly fantastic live act, but unfortunately not this time.


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