Nicola Roberts

I can guess that some of you are probably sat there reading this thinking WTF? She’s meant to like cool  music, but I’ll confess I do have a soft spot for pop music, especially Girls Aloud (Remember that time I went on 6music with Steve Lamaq and admitted my first single was Saturday Night by Whigfield and my first gig was S Club 7? No? Thank God!). But their solo careers are slightly lacking in the genius of the combined effect. I’ll not slate Cheryl Cole, as at least she tried, but words cannot describe the beautiful tragedy that was Nadine Coyle’s solo career. I mean come on! I do, however, have a little soft spot for Nicola. The wee ginger one that everyone wrote off has weaseled her way into my heart with the fantastic Beat Of My Drum, check it out below:

It has every essence of a perfect summer pop song. And don’t get me started on how much I adore Nicola in this video. You know its quite refreshing to see a pale, pasty ginger be quite so brilliant. Gingers please take note: I’m not being offensive, I adore you. There was a time I wanted to be ginger, but that’s going off topic. It’s quirky pop that doesn’t irritate like Lady Gaga, not as sickly as Katy Perry, and not reliant upon using sex over talent to sell *cough* The Saturdays *cough*. It’s so brilliantly catchy that I guarantee you’ll be singing it for days, and if you’re not there is something wrong with you. To put it plain and simply: its fun, which is what a good pop song should be. But this is old news, so moving on.

Nicola’s latest, equally brilliant, single Lucky Day drops soon, followed swiftly by album Cinderella’s Eyes on September 18th. Below is the video to this wondrous creation, and yes I do realise how much I’m banging on about this, but I love the fact that this is light hearted fun pop song when far too many people are taking themselves and their music far too seriously. Yes the video may have some pretty terrible Mac for beginners effects but who cares? The song encapsulates the best bigs of Girls Aloud (minus the incredible dance routines that I can bust out at a minute’s notice), some hilarious vocal warblings, a ruddy fantastic chorus (I so cannot wait to go out an hear this) and talking seriously for a minute, it puts the rest of them to shame. What have you done with with your time off Sarah Harding? (Apart from get some really dodgy plastic surgery) And to the rest of those with solo careers, it just highlights how much better the scouser does it. Long Live Nicola!

Plus head here to find out more and pre-order the debut album. Word of warning: I will judge you if you don’t!

Oh and to end this, I though I may as well slip in another of my pop guilty pleasures. It’s slightly cooler, since she worked with Lightspeed Champion and all, but X Factor’s very own Diana Vickers! (Tragically bad and good at the same time, I ashamedly love her) Can you tell I have a thing for quirky poppets?


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