Incoming: Propaganda, 02 Academy Newcastle

Propaganda is number 1) The UK’s largest ‘indie’ clubnight and 2) has been in the hands of those pansy Southerners’ far too long, it’s time to show them how we do it in the North. I’ve been lucky and caught a few of their DJ sets at spots all over the country (some of you lucky people may have caught a peek of them at the summer festivals) and you people are in for a treat.

Touching down at my much loved 02 Academy (from October I may as well be living there with the amount of time I’ll  be spending there) on September 24th, it kicks off  in style with DJ sets not only by the in house DJs but also Mumford and Sons AND Radio 1 God Huw Stephens will be treating you to some audio delights. Fancy going? Click here for tickets. Benefits of buying in advance? Guaranteed entry and a bargainous £1 off entry, something we all need in these recession led times!

And get this. You only have to wait one whole week for more fantastic DJ sets. On October 1st the fantastic Bombay Bicycle Club will be dropping by after their gig to hit the decks and take us all to musical heaven (I’ll be there after a long hard shift at work, followed by the gig, followed by Propaganda, dedicated til the end!) Again you can head over to here for tickets.

So what are you waiting for?! Snap up those tickets and  get your gladrags and dancing shoes on, ready to hear not only some bonafide indie classics (examples below) and the best new music has to offer. And they’re even sticking you with a cheeky little pop room to gorge on cheesey pop to your hearts content! And they’re not even sticking it to you in drinks prices, with  them being £2 or less, so you have no excuse!

Right, this indie classics I promised. Feast your eyes on these beauties:


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