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In yet another apology for hardly posting anything recently, in true New Year style, here’s a lovely little new feature to tide you lot over. In a brainwave (and to pass the time on mundane journeys to work) here’s a weekly glance at the musical highlight of my trip to work. It kills two birds with one stone, gives you lot something to read and me a slightly more exciting journey. Who’s the dim one now, ey? So without further ado, here’s this weeks edition:


The Shirehorses – The Worst Album In The World … Ever!

Back from the days when Radio 1 was good (anyone who considers it still to be just take a listen to Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service on 6music, a work of genius) comes this send up from Mark and Lard. Taking some classic Britpop and 90s tunes and pissing around with the lyrics, there is nothing that can’t be enjoyed on here. My personal favourite has to be ‘Cum On Sqweeze Me Boilz’ by Po-Fasis, this has to be something to be listened to at least once. Seriously, YouTube or something else you modern kids do …

(I can’t promise the music selections will get better every week, considering some of the trash I’ve downloaded recently).

But yeah, if you enjoyed that, I’ll be doing the same again this time next week. If you weren’t bothered, tough luck, at least you wasted 5 minutes.


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