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This is a tad earlier than last week, but due to my terrible luck I have to be in work earlier, a 12-7 shift, what joy. I shouldn’t moan really. But anyway, on with the show.

Alex Turner – The Lovers

I had to drop on a YouTube video of this Rod McKuen cover as its on my other iPod that normally just sits at the bottom of my bag. Performed for good old Wossy’s radio show, it sounds like something Alex could have written, with lyrics like “their bodies aching to be worn” and “Goodbye catches in their throat like cotton”. This cover manages to highlight how Alex’s vocals have changed over the years, from scrappy teen to full blown crooner, which I wholeheartedly admire (another brilliant example of this is on Reckless Serenade, probably the best track off Suck It And See). Hearing covers like this always renews my faith that Alex may one day head off for a solo career, maybe once he sorts out these ridiculous biker sensibilities he has at the minute (I shouldn’t bitch about this as I don’t know the guy *sob*). But before that happens I still have my fingers crossed for a new Last Shadow Puppets album …



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