The Cribs – Chi-town

(As I’m currently write this I’m listening to a lecture on Peelism and what the Internet brings to it. So in the spirit of championing all that is new, I’ve cobbled together some words on the new Cribs track)


5 albums in, there is a pretty clear idea to what we expect from the brothers Jarman. And this offering from aforementioned album number 5, catchily titled ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’, is exactly in the vein of their previous work. Before you start this isn’t a bad thing, for a change. Chi-town kicks into a squalor of feedback before throwing around guitars that hark back to the heady days of ‘The New Fellas’. Produced by Steve Albini, it’s bursting with the dirty, scuzzy, wondrous guitars that I fell in love with all those years ago. A crashing, rollicking assault on the senses that is far superior to the previous albums output from the band, even surpassing a large amount of music produced by everyone recently (I’ve lost faith in modern music recently, and have subsequently spent days listening to early Sonic Youth, The Standells and Orange Juice). There’s a quality to it that is just so obviously theirs, and as much as it pains me to say it, Johnny Marr leaving them has done the world of good. Not to mention that I couldn’t ever be disappointed by a track named after my second home, constantly missing Chi-town. If this is the first track, it whets the appetite for the full album, dropping on May 7th (eurgh I hate that phrase).

But anyway, check out Chi-town streaming over on the SPIN website, with tour dates too:

(I’m just going to be slightly bitter that The Cribs aren’t playing Newcastle, but my parents will go see them in Chicago. Urgh the pains of having cool parents)


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