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I’ve been slacking on this feature lately (and slacking on the writing front, but you’ll get an explanation about that soon) but what can you expect when my life’s in a bit of a crisis? I won’t go into it though, it is rather tedious. But here’s today’s installment, as yet again I’m off to work for a delightful 10-7 shift. I love the world of retail me.

There are many tracks with my name in it, mainly because my name is pretty run of the mill (cheers mam and dad, though at least it’s better than Boudicca). However none of them capture my attention as much as this one by The Zombies. If I had my way The Zombies would be one of the biggest bands on the planet, there are very few albums I love more than Odessey And Oracle. This track in particular, A Rose For Emily, is a corker. It tugs on your heart strings as we’re told stories of Emily and her inability to find love, while she watches everyone pair off happily around her while keeping her pride somehow (hmmm I wonder why I like it). Its a simplistic piano led number, but when the chorus hits there’s the wondrous harmonies in the vocals that instantly takes this track to another level. It’s so reminiscent of the decade, and in my opinion very few bands captured the definitive sound of the decade like The Zombies (and believe me, most shifts at work are soundtracked by The Sounds of The 60s or some compilation like that, not that I’m moaning). If you’ve never heard this album, then just give it a listen, it might just change your life …


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