Now Playing #4

If I was to write what I am actually currently listening to it would be a bit too embarrassing, so in all intent of being an honest journalist I’ve switched over to the song that I’ve been listening to very heavily this week (and, if I’m totally truthful, most of my life). Oh and I’ve still not really stepped into the realms of modern music, sorry.

Pulp – Mis-Shapes

In a week where we have been celebrating Brit-Pop like there’s no tomorrow (Blur at Hyde Park for the Olympics Closing ceremony is surely one of the most exciting prospect of this year), this old favourite of mine saw a return to be on repeat for about 90% of the week (with a little bit of Kenickie thrown in for good measure). This became somewhat of an anthem for my youth because I effectively stood out like a sore thumb for the best part of my teen years, and to some extent I still do. Jarvis taught us all that it’s alright to be different, because at least you’re being you. I mean how inspiring are the lyrics: ‘We don’t look the same as you, We don’t do the things you do, but we live round here too’. It’s a rally cry for the people that can make a difference, it’s the individuals taking a stand. It’s nice to think how great revenge is going to be for the misfits, bearing in mind I went to school mostly with a bunch of mindless cretins (there were some absolutely brilliant people that went there, but when you get lines like “You used to be really geeky and awkward, but then when it was cool to be indie you were really hot” its hard to enjoy school). There’s no one addressing such ideas like this these days, it’s all a bit formulaic and over-produced. I’ve also recently completely devoured Jarvis’s compilation of lyrics, where he raises some absolutely splendid points about the art of writing and enjoying lyrics. I’m not going to spoil it for you and spill the beans, as I think everyone should own a copy of Mother, Brother, Lover.

Oh and just enjoy this version by another major band in my life:


I’m now just going to sit here and hope that I get a chance to enjoy Pulp live at some point this year, and congratulate my parents for bringing me up surrounded by such awesome music and mountains of NME back issues. I don’t think I’d be the same person without it.


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