Festival Preview: Field Day and The Applecart Festival

About 5 years ago I went to the first Underage Festival It started my long love affair with both Victoria Park and festivals in general. However, I longed to head to Field Day with it’s village fete inspired atmosphere and incredible line-up. It’s taken me to until now to consider trekking down to London, but there is absolutely no chance that I could miss Field Day this year. And I’ll hopefully be celebrating when I get there, as the whole thing is the weekend after my graduation!

When you look at a line-up like that how can you complain? Not only are there a great list of upcoming bands I’ve been meaning to listen to and attempt to catch live (mainly in the form of Django Django, Theme Park, Friends, Baxter Dury and Toy) but also some of my longtime favourite artists like Franz Ferdinand, Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard and Sleigh Bells. There’s also spots from Metronomy, currently enjoying a stint on the NME tour, Gold Panda, SBTRKT, Liars, Beirut, Errors … I could actually go on for days. Not even mentioning that my favourite new band Spector are going to be there, alongside the artists that put out two of my favourite releases from last year (Blood Orange and The Vaccines) and you’ve got essentially a day in my idea of heaven. My only worry is how is this going to be crammed into a whole day? (oh and I’m most likely going to cry at the number of clashes there will be, another inevitable part of festival-dom). And just consider how incredible the bands I’ve not mentioned are going to be? (the full list so far is on the poster above). But to whet your appetite here’s a little bit of Sleigh Bells before we move on:

Now onto The Applecart.

Started last year, this offers the perfect alternative to all those commercial festivals out there. In that very same park as Field Day, it offers itself as a ’boutique’ festival, with dedicated areas not only for music, but also comedy, art and cabaret. With a mix of some of the biggest bands and comedians around today in the form of: Noah And The Whale, Shappi Koshandi, Josie Long and Miles Jupp (of you’re not sure who that is, he was Archie on Balamory); and a collection of absolute legends in their fields like Billy Bragg, Adam Ant and Rich Hall. And now more on everything else that is going on. There’s the Art Car Boot fair where you might just happen to stumble upon the newest addition to your walls or take part in Paintball by Numbers (I most definitely will be there), or pop along and enjoy a bit of cabaret or witness some actual real life magic! And I’ve not even mentioned what there is for the children either. Village fete games, a play area, a candlelit matinee where they can enjoy getting involved in making their own Fairy tale stories, and perhaps the best part (where you will most definitely see me, I am superb at acting like a child) is the Penguin Books tent, where you can design your own book covers, enjoy readings and win some fabulous prizes. Still not had enough? Well there’s also music from the enigmatic Beth Jeans Houghton (after catching her at Split 2011, this is sure to be a delight), Stornoway and Jeffrey Lewis will be there (this could be an entire weekend of Jeffrey Lewis loving for me) on the musical side of things (plus a whole lot more), and if you want more comedy you can catch Seann Walsh and his amazing head of Aslan-esque hair, along with Josh Widdecombe and Charlie Baker. How could you want anything more? Apart from maybe yummy festival food (I look forward to this side of festivals all year long, I cannot wait). Oh and to get you as excited as me, here’s a clip of Seann Walsh doing stand up  (do you know how annoying it is to type two n’s every time?!)

For more details, or for booking enquiries, head over to http://theapplecartfestival.com/ or http://www.fielddayfestivals.com/


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