Teapot Vintage

I’m taking a foray into the world of fashion journalism, just to show off how amateur I am when I’m so close to graduating! But I couldn’t stop myself writing about Teapot Vintage after I bought some fab stuff from there a few weeks back, I have such a fondness for a good vintage shop.

I tend to wear almost exclusively vintage now, give or take the odd piece from Topshop or Urban Outfitters, and I really struggle to find good stuff as I live nowhere near any decent stores. Sob story over, as I happened upon Teapot Vintage and saved myself the effort of trawling through Sunderland’s multitude of charity shops! Below is a picture of the goodies I treated myself to, all for very fair prices.

The shoes probably were the best part of my haul (ignore the pile of magazines behind the lot, its my currently reading pile!) as I’ve been looking forever for the perfect brown shoe to match my beloved vintage satchel. Perfect match, and a very reasonable price, I love you Teapot vintage! And the scarf is so unbelievably warm, goes brilliantly with both my leather jacket and wool coat, the absolute dream. So, onto what I’m going to buy next time I have some spare pennies. Sadly, it may be a while as I’ve just had to move in on my own amidst a whole mess with my flatmate. I can dream that I’ll own these beautiful pieces soon though!

I’ve long lusted after polka dots, I mean seriously the number of polka dotty items in my wardrobe is up there with the number of Peter Pan collar items, but this is perfect. I’m not blessed with incredible legs, so this midi length skirt would potentially save the general public from witnessing the sorry sight. I’d pair it with my Sonic Youth ‘Goo’ tee (up there in my all time favourite albums) and the next item on the list.

These are coming soon, so I have absolutely no idea of they’re my size or not, but I’m desperately hoping they are! They remind of the chelsea boots I used to wear to school when I was about 10, and have been looking for ever since. A much nicer shape than the pair I bought from Bertie earlier this year, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

This is pretty perfect as I hopefully graduate in a couple of months and will have to step out into the world of proper work (saturdays at on old peoples shoe shop just doesn’t cut it as a full time career). Its demure and elegant, but flaunts with being slightly daring with the sheer nature of the material. I’d definitely team this with a pair of tapered trousers and suede slipperettes or a pencil skirt and massive heels. This needs to be in my life as soon as possible!

Yet another item for entering into the world of work, this 60’s shift dress is such a classic item at an incredible price. I have such a fondness for the shapes and style of the era, so this little number would easily slip itself into my everyday wardrobe, and navy is nice change from black for me!

This is my last piece, and has sadly been sold, but I just had to mention it. I love a bit of Americana every now and again, and this errs on the side of sportswear that I could probably pull off. Teamed with jeans and my trusty Dunlops or tucked into a body-con skirt, its something a little different from the usual band tees I wear, and would probably be something of a talking point. It’s fab, so to those at Teapot Vintage if you find anything similar, let me know!

There’s plenty more over on their site, brilliantly affordable and perfectly individual, who doesn’t love a bit of vintage?!




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