Now Playing #5

What’s this I hear you ask? Emily is actually writing something? Has that hell that is the degree finished? Sadly not, that glorious day is still 3 weeks away and I won’t be celebrating by blogging, more like getting completely shit-faced. But enough of that. There’s a tiny gap in my schedule so I have time to write a little bit of what I’m listening to and, shock horror, it’s modern music (almost).

Smith Westerns – Weekend

This track serves as a reminder of last summer, and how incredible Chicago was. Okay I barely left the house (it’s a pretty scary city/I’m a complete wuss) but this delightfully catchy track matched the sunshine weather perfectly. Drawing upon influences like T-Rex and the entire glam rock era, the Chicago lads created a monster of a song that was wonderfully infectious, so much so that you can’t help but hum along (I’m on public transport, in not going to sing along. I look enough of a fool anyway I don’t want people thinking I’m crazy …). Admittedly I do get rather chocked up listening to the entire album as it reminds me that my mam and dad are over there enjoying the city while I’m stuck in Blighty, but right now this track is getting me through these final weeks of my degree and reminding me that I’ll shortly be off to this wonderful place again. Just 20 days left of uni work!


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