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Hello! Before anyone who reads this gets on at me for being quiet for a while (as if anyone reads this!), I’ve been busy as of late. In between work experience, finishing a degree and working almost full time, I’ve barely had time to do anything. But before I move onto what’s been playing on loop in my regular Friday fixture and attempt to restore normality, here’s a little bit of what else has been keeping me busy lately.

The Fly

In order to complete my degree I had to get in a little work experience and thankfully the guys at The Fly were more than accommodating. Transcribing interviews may well have taken up most of my time there, I also got to write a little blog for them as well as news stories and the weekly weekly newsletter. Oh, and I got to hang with Gaz Coombes from Supergrass!


I’m not one to hide my love of a band and here is no exception. If you read regularly, you’ll know how much I love Fred and the boys and when they announced a Sunderland date I had to be there. Now with 5 singles under their belt the band are clearly revelling in their popularity. Providing witty on-stage banter and some of the best sing-along choruses since the Kaiser Chiefs, this intimate gig suited them to a tee. Having just announced the release date of their album Enjoy It While It Lasts (out August 13th), the new tracks on display are yet more classic indie anthems, and if the reactions to songs like Never Fade Away and Chevy Thunder the album can’t come soon enough. (I’ll continue to attempt to forget the rest of the night, having downed 2 bottles of whiskey I decided it was a good idea to go out I jeans, a tee and plimsolls then get off with a mate of a mate and not get home til it was light. Still, I managed to pull without wearing make up on a night out!)


The long running joke amongst my friends is that I am old before my time, but finishing uni has provided me with ample opportunity to finish stuff I started ages ago, like this baby cardi that inspired the Twitter hashtag #hipsterbaby. Now that’s out of the way, I have a Mr Men and Little Miss sampler to finish and I’m about to start knitting some Abbey Road cushions (the best Beatles album hands down). Worryingly I did catch myself Googling ‘Can you take knitting onto a plane’ the other day. What is my life?

Euro 2012

I was never really a football girl besides a few trips to see my little brother play and a barely remembered trip to see England vs Italy schoolboys, but since my flatmate left at the start of the year I had to find something to pass the time. Since then I’ve developed a crippling addiction to Football Manager and a Sunday morning MOTD and tea ritual before work, and now I’m well and truly full of Euros fever. I may have missed a couple of matches due to having to work (well it wasn’t going to be because I had a life, was it?) but I’ve made up for it with my wall chart and Panini sticker book (I’m desperate for swaps, email me if you have any!). I may not completely understand every minute, or even pretend to believe that England are going to do well, but we can all agree on the important issue: Fernando Torres is still adorable right?


I’m finally escaping the shithole that is Sunderland, and I can safely say I’ll never return. I’ve made some excellent mates here and the uni is fantastic, but if I hear another Mackem accent I’ll do myself in. The packing is taking longer than I expected as I have far too much crap, especially vinyls and mugs, but I’m gradually getting there, I’ve finally managed to pack up all of my books. All of this is being coupled with attempting to pack for America too. I’m crap as being organised.

The Simpsons

Since turning 21, I’ve reverted back to following my family’s usual nightly routine of The Simpsons followed by Hollyoaks and a fair bit of Corrie. Thankfully post-uni I’ve given Hollyoaks the boot, but I’ve fallen well and truly back in love with The Simpsons, a show that I’d forgotten how excellent it really is. Take last nights episode for example, a Sideshow Bob-centric episode, bloody brilliant (clearly one of the best characters ever). So many missed jokes in these episodes that I’ve missed before, I don’t see how anyone can be bored of this show at all. Also, for further convincing, see the episode Lisa On Ice, a true work of art.

But yes, what you actually came here for, some music journalism. My current fixation with all things 90s is still as strong as ever, and Pavement have been giving my headphones a real hammering lately. Having come too late to them to ever see them live (I hate everyone that has ever seen them), I can still pretend via the magic of YouTube right? Anyway, the one track that I’ll always play again and again is Shady Lane. I don’t even know what it is about the song I love but it is one of my all time favourites. Stephen Malkmus’s almost laissez-faire vocal delivery is definitively up there in my Top 5 vocal deliveries (a pretentious list I assume Rob Fleming would be more than proud of) and I bloody love the whole thing. If I wasn’t doomed to be a spinster cat-lady, I’d get all Bridezilla til this was my wedding song. Whatever mood you’re in , listening to this (and Pavement in general) is sure to turn it round when coupled with a cup of tea.

Now that’s all out of the way, expect shorter, more frequent posts on this little blog here. I’ll promise this but I’m abandoning Blighty for Chicago in just over 2 weeks, so I’m sure to spend more time drinking and catching up with my parents than writing this blog. I’d say that’s fair enough too, as I’ve not seen them since August! And now I will stop rambling on (well done if you got this far!) as I have a shift at work to get to, and a night of pizza, booze and football to look forward to!


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