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Hello, dear readers (all one of you, I long ago accepted that no one cares. This was around the time that I accepted that my degree is pointless.) On that note, I am now technically a graduate, with actual letters after my name. Emily Solan BA Hons Magazine Journalism. Hmmmmmmm.

But no rambling from me today (it’s 6 am here).

It’s too warm here in Chicago to actually do anything, so I am revelling in my Audible subscription. This was my last download, and I have no idea why considering that I own the actual book, I guess its just nice hearing Jon reading to me. With that creepy fan girl moment out of the way, onto the actual thing. Jon Richardson details the difficulties of searching for love with his personality, a subject matter I can get on board with, being both single and weird.

The nicest thing about this though is Jon’s ability to make it all seem okay. Everybody has little quirks, its what makes them special, and we should celebrate this. Hell, an American looked at me knitting last night and referred to me being so kooky and cute *shudders*. This is a book that makes you re-evaluate everything you think about relationships, and perhaps life in general somethimes, as it is pretty refreshing and honest. There is something for everyone to take away here, a lesson for everyone to learn, something to really make you think. And, most importantly perhaps, it’s Jon Richardson not trying to be funny in anyway about this, just highlighting stuff people really should take note of. The best example of this is don’t give your number out over the phone on the train if you’re being a dickhead, somebody will do something about it. But yeah, its nice to know that someone else agrees how excellent it is to live alone sometimes.

Next time I promise I will write about music as I’ll have got over the debilitating jealously of not being at Latitude, and I probably won’t have finished my Partridge audiobook. What I can’t promise though is that I’ll talk about new music. It’s all rubbish, well not all but most of it, and I’ve just downloaded The Auteurs back catalogue …


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