Happy Birthday NME!

60 years looks good on you! After all these years you’re still one of my most love things (occasionally) and always the thing I resort to buying on long journeys. What praise!

I’m not going to claim to buy it as regularly as I once did, that honour goes to the year I started working and bought it every year, but you still sit as a major feature. I mean where else can you go for up to date music news, new music recommendations, interviews with some of the biggest names (just going to insert an I love you Noel G here) and occasionally the odd poster that has found a loving home on my wall.

My history with the NME goes way back thanks to my music snob Dad, as there were hundreds of back issues for me to mine as an early teen. And when I say hundreds I mean enough to wallpaper a small house (I think we did try that with my room once, but my sister objected…). I’m not going to attempt to pick a favourite issue, thats like asking me to pick a favourite band. There are so many highlights: the great summer indie quiz in the early Noughties, the giant Strokes poster that sat on my wall for nearly five years, the yearly Awards freebies of which one of the stickers from 2008 is still stuck to my satchel, I could go on forever.

Whilst sales have been falling, its important that we continue to support it. Its the place that many teens turn to find their taste in music, it can make or break a band *cough* Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong *cough*. I could argue that it is just as important as the music, it’s a tastemaker that introduces all that is good to a wider audience.

I could wax lyrical for days, but this is a genuine heartfelt thank you to NME. Thank you for all the memories (no I’m not about to launch into Fall Out Boy), thanks for inspiring my career choice, fuelling my love of boys with guitars and most importantly being there week in week out. Here’s to another 60 years …


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