It’s Been A Long Time…

Nearly 12 months to be exact. And in that time I’ve done nothing of note apart from finish a jumper that makes me look like Ernie from Sesame Street. I just needed a break to figure out who I was (I’m still searching but maybe this will help…I’m clinging onto anything right now). Since I last wrote I’ve changed job twice, yet still not found job fulfilment, been to perhaps the two greatest gigs of my life (The Stone Roses and The Cribs, I still long to go back to the weekend of Finsbury Park, one of the best in a long time), watched my parents buy a house in a whole other country, just slightly adding the general sense of loss in my life. 

But enough of the misery. In the next few weeks this place will get a little makeover. I’m going to try be a bit more lifestyle orientated as my life does actually revolve around things other than music! I’m starting little projects to keep me busy that I’ll document on here, so many knitting, sewing and baking plans and I’m even going to push the boat out and redecorate my room as much as I can now I have my own little (rented) space!

I’m aware this is utterly rambling right now, and if you want to read actual things by me I have managed to do a little bit of writing, putting together my favourite albums of last year and stuff on Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes and The Courteeners (another spectacular gig of last year). Gradually I’m going to attempt to be a bit more regular with posting on here as its one of my New Years Resolutions but more on those on another day. 

And now I’m going to leave you on the song that has got me through the misery of today, leaving my parents again and going back to a job I’m not fond of and a picture of the brownies I made to keep myself awake! And a recipe which I’ll share later in the week, you lucky people!

ImageAfter all that it’s early to bed and up early to go back to work tomorrow, sadly. Positives are that I get to go hang out at the Belgrave after work and move some furniture around in my room to try out a new layout! We’ll forget that I also have Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred to do. Damn you Jillian Michaels!


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