I’m Breaking My Own Rules…

So yeah, I’m still rubbish at writing on this little thing. I guess its what comes with being an adult and having to work all the damn time. I mean this is only being written because I’m in bed ill, totally not what I had planned for today (I was planning on re-watching all of the Wes Anderson films ready to go watch The Grand Budapest Hotel after work on Wednesday, instead I’ve been feeling sorry for myself watching The Office US all day and napping). But, in somewhat shocking news I have actually been doing things this week. Like actually in the outside world. Having a social life. So not me! (I promise the world is not going to come to an end). 

So Friday night, the best friend and I took a trip to see the ballet as my Christmas present off her. She knows me far too well as this is pretty much a dream present for me. I’ve managed to do this for her too as we’re off to see Wicked for her present! The ballet in question was Swan Lake, and even better it was the Matthew Bourne version, so it was an enjoyable night all round. The brilliant thing about Bourne’s ballets is that he takes these fabulous traditional ballets and finds the best possible ways to invert them. In this case, the typically delicate female dances of the swans were instead danced by male dancers, with modern steps added in to keep the interest. Somehow it also managed to make out a pretty comical event at the same time, surely a reason for more people to go to the ballet

Couple that excursion with last night’s (and possibly the reason why I’m ill, because in a room with so many people is no good!) and I’ve had a pretty damn fine weekend. The treat in question was We Are Scientists at Stylus, a rare trip out for a band that I adore so much. With the band themselves saying that it had been four years since they had played Leeds, it really wan an excellent night all round. Playing hit after hit peppered with the excellent comedic banter that we’ve all come to expect from them, it really was something special. There’s a soft spot in my heart for “After Hours” from ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’ and of course the oldies from ‘With Love And Squalor’ but the newer tracks from their latest effort ‘TV En Francais’ more then matched up. Side note: that is quite possibly my favourite album title ever. Also leaving with a setlist more than makes up for the illness I’m suffering from today, I really did become my teenaged fan girl self again. One other thing to note is that this gig was quite possibly one of the only ones where I enjoyed both of the support acts, The Heartbreaks and Superfood. Second thing to note here is that The Heartbreaks have become the only band where I fancy the drummer more than the lead singer (this is pretty earth shattering news in Emily’s world). As I even wrote in a text yesterday, I’ve broken my own golden rule!



Oh they’re all so beautiful! Anyway all this moping in bed is getting me nowhere with my knitting (I’ve started my Record Store Day jumper now that I definitely have it off! I promise I’m not sad!) and I’m definitely so far behind on my New Year’s Resolution to read at least one book a week, even if I’m cheating slightly and reading all the Sweet Valley High books! Now back to the Office US and my knitting…


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