Friday I’m In Love #2

Hey look! I’m doing this when I’m supposed to! Check me out for keeping on top of a feature for 2 weeks! I guess the real test will come when I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks. We shall see. But back to the matter in hand, another instalment of all the lustworthy and excellent things that I currently desire in life (and definitely can’t afford because my pay today was the actual worst thing I’ve ever seen).

TV: My love for Mindy Kaling in not so secret, given how I can be often spotted reading her excellent book, or watching one of the many excellent things she’s done. This week was no different, especially after last weeks Office binge, and I duly watched a fair few episodes of The Mindy Project. This is a TV show where I don’t understand why its  it huge. Far more realistic characterisation than New Girl, and essentially the best thing since The Office US, the sheer number of excellent guest stars is surely a testament to how good it is (James Franco, Seth Rogen, Ed Helms, Chloe Sevingy, B.J. Novak to name just a few). Currently on mid season break until April 1st, I’m clawing at my hair while I wait for the conclusion to the current cliff hanger!

Things to do: I’m still knitting this god damned jumper ready for Record Store Day, but I’ve managed to also get out of the house this week as well as getting a shit load of it knitted. I even have a little schedule that I need to stick to so I actually get it finished in time! (Side note: are we all prepared with our lists for Record Store Day? This must be the first year there are less than 20 things on my list). But yes, I left the house this week to go catch the NME Awards tour, or essentially almost weep with joy at the sight of Interpol. Being the loser that I am, I arrived in time for the legendary opening slot, grabbed a pint and headed for the barrier with no intention of moving all night. Openers Circa Waves were excellent, bringing back the noughts inspired indie rock that I love so much. Their recent single Stuck In My Teeth is one of my favourites so far this year. Royal Blood were a band i didn’t expect to enjoy, but they were fucking amazing. Just bass and drums combing to create so of the most glorious sounds I’ve ever heard. I’ve already told everyone I know about them. Temples brought all the psychedelic goodness of their recent album Sun Structures to life and it was like being back in time. It certainly helps that frontman James Bagshaw looks like Bolan reborn. it might have taken them a while to warm to how the crowd were getting into it, but it was an enjoyable experience none the less. Still perched on the barricade when Interpol took to the stage, I swear I nearly cried. Playing a mix of old classics and some new stuff, it was possibly a dream set list. Highlights included Evil, NARC, The Heinrich Maneuver, new song All The rage Back Home, Obstacle 1, Slow Hands and the encore of Lights and Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down. So yeah essentially the entire set. I fell back in love with Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler (how are that so beautiful and that old?!), oh and this happened: 


I’m never using another photo of myself again…

Wants: In this we cover things that Emily desperately needs, rather than wants for a change. Number one is a new iPod. I have somehow managed to fill up my 80GB one (this happens when you have the entire Rolling Stones and David Bowie discography) so more space is definitely needed. Not only that, but I keeping dropping my current one, so much so that I currently only get sound out of one headphone. Definitely time for an upgrade. Its not long overdue at all…

Want number two is another practical one. Its about time I bought a new pair of jeans, as my trusty black skinnies are marginally less black and less skinny n ow, so time for another upgrade. I’ve had my eye on the American Apparel Easy Jeans for a while now, and having only heard good things about them I guess it’s time to take the plunge when I get my tax back. They’re not cheap but given how often I now wear jeans and my multitude of band tees, I have no room to scrimp on these things. We’ll not discuss how man y other things I want from American Apparel as we could be her all day.



Okay maybe one more. Never have I wanted anything as much as this:



Music: Having parents that live abroad means i can spread my wings a bit when it comes to festival time. Chicago has not one but two festivals that I could choose to go to, and with the poor showing from Lollapalooza this year (Skrillex, come on?!), I’ve decided that its time I graced Pitchfork festival. With headliners Back, Kendrick Lamar and Neutral Milk Hotel, that’s the $130 ticket price already considered to be daylight robbery on my part, but throw in Wild Beasts and some of the other names on the list and I’m laughing. Plus it will be full of fit hipster boys. How can a girl say no? So in celebration I’m blasting a lot of Beck at the minute, I think everyone at work is already sick of it…

That is getting a hammering, a pleasant thing not so much when I’m dancing round the stockroom to it. Another brief side note here: when I go to Chicago I also get to see Liverpool FC. The small child that begged for a Liverpool shirt with Owen on the back isode of me is a very happy bunny at the minute (and this reminds me I want chocolate, damn me for associating bunny with Easter).

This week I’ve also been obsessively listening to Courtney Love. Is it the 90s again or something? She’s stopping in Leeds on her next tour, on me Mam’s birthday (sorry Mam) and I’m off to see her with one of my favourite people in the world. She may be remembered for being a little bit mental and Kurt’s missus,  but she has some cracking songs no just from her Hole days. Granted they were the best, but her solo album America’s Sweetheart is a cracker, especially But Julien I’m A Little Older Than You (written about a certain Casablancas, allegedly). I mean how can you not love her…

Another of my favourite lyrics; ‘Where were you at 2 am, Triple XXX, Time that me and you had lots of meaningless sex’. Sometimes I just wish I could channel badass Courtney…


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