Friday I’m In Love #3

Round of applause here, Emily has managed to reach week 3 of a feature! Okay, this may be 4pm in the afternoon but I had a nightshift last night and I haven’t slept yet! So here we go, another quick round up of the current loves of my life!

TV: I’m back to binge-watching My Mad Fat Diary, especially with the excellent 4OD previews they are running, meaning I’m ahead of everyone I know that watches it! The show excellently manages to capture the angst of teen life and imbue it all within a 90s soundtrack (I was the person that pointed out ‘Connection’ by Elastica was playing in Starbucks last night!), and is far more realistic than most teen dramas nowadays. It sadly finishes next week, and even though I’ve already seen the episode, I’ll be tuning in to say a fond goodbye to a truly inspiring character. Tissues at the ready. Thankfully, next Tuesday brings a certain Miss Kaling back on to my screen so I won’t be sad for long. I’m also currently re-watching Despicable Me 2, which is the perfect topper to today really!

Things to do: Besides being currently obsessed with Tinder (hello hot boys with cats, its almost all I swipe right for), I managed to get out and go see Johnny Marr at the Brude this week, combining my love of both things. It reminded me that I really need to go to the Brudenell more often and that Johnny is the guitar god we’ve come to expect, even with a broken hand. Playing hits from his recent solo album “The Messenger”, the expected Smiths classics and spectacularly Electronica’s ‘Getting Away With It’, I really couldn’t have asked for anymore. Using the intimate venue to make plenty of comedic quips regarding his hand and to preview some of his new material, it made for a rather special night. Throw in a cover of ‘I Fought The Law’ and you have a very happy Emily. Not so much when I had to get up at 5am the next morning. Being this close made up for it though:


Secondly this week, I’m finally going to get around to starting my get fit regime properly (especially now I’ve finally got my ass registered at the doctors again!), so I’ve downloaded the Nike Training Camp app and added everything on to my calendar to motivate me! Daunting as it may be, I really need to start getting healthier, so goodbye chocolate and junk food! After my first program on the app, I’m going to attempt to start running too! God what has happened to me?! Let’s see if this sticks!

Wants: Some really simple but cute wants this week. Time for a Forever 21 binge I think! First up is this really cute floral dress that works for both day or night. Think teaming it with a denim jacket and jelly shoes during the day or heels and a leather jacket for a night on the town. And with it being from Forever 21, it comes with the affordable price tag of £18.75!


Coupling with my Tinder problem, I’m starting to attempt to act my age and I’m actually considering going on a date! What is this, an alternate universe?! So this super little number is perfect, and there is the added benefit of it being black so I can wear it to work too! Practical and pretty, who’da thunk it?!


Team that little black dress with these bad boy heels and I’m laughing, and excellently this is all so cheap. The LBD is only £16.75 (thrifty) and these ridiculous heels are only £29 in the sale! Who said you had to spend money to look good? (All the more money to spend on make up to hide my face!)



One final treat is this thing of loveliness:


No more 75p candles that can be picked up whilst attempting to shop for furniture in IKEA, I think its time to splash out on a really nice expensive one that will last. Smelling of roses and blackcurrant, it has the added bonus of not being the overly floral scent that I’m so usually attracted to. Maybe I finally am growing up!

Music: The only things that I can truly say I’ve been listening to on repeat this week are this:

Pure excellence from Royal Blood as I am still obsessed, and this:

Don’t even ask.



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