Friday I’m In Love #6

So, it seems I’m still not able to keep my personal promise of writing more often! Lesson learnt, hand slapped and away we go…

TV: THE BAKE OFF IS BACK! Those that know me considerably well know how utterly enamoured I am with the show (and are slowly but surely attempting to get me to apply for the next series, not sure I could apply again though…). It’s even inspired me to muddle through with another of my post holiday resolutions of cooking more, and this week I whipped up a batch of my signature brownies, a far greater amount than needed of cinnamon buns and a loaf of bread. Check the little domestic goddess here! If you need me you know where I’ll be, perched on the edge of the sofa every Wednesday evening, and don’t even get me started on the fact we get a spin off show on a Friday night too *waves goodbye to my life*



Also, through my recent trip to the states I’ve developed a massive Bones obsession, quite probably due to my little brother’s sheer obsession with the show. Its even encouraged him to study to become a forensic anthropologist (he’s not your average 14 year old). Thanks to a sneaky bit of trickery with Netflix I’m watching it all from the beginning all over again. I’m so excited, but then again I’m in a fairly excitable mood it seems at the minute…

Things to do: This week has been a combination of THE gig (more on that later) and a very belated cinema trip. Given I’m somewhat of a Marvel obsessive, Guardians Of The Galaxy was a must see for me, blame my upbringing. Having just got back, I can wholeheartedly say it is worth the trip. With more risqué jokes than the Avengers film, and an arguably better plot, I was won over from the off. It also has the benefit of relatively unknown characters featured so there were no real expectations as to what to expect, like there may have been previously with the likes of Thor and Iron Man. Even though the film is pretty long, it doesn’t feel it like it did with The Hobbit, which left me with a numb bum, it seems marvel really have got the pacing of the action down to a tee in this film, it never seemed to drag. I can only add that I have so much love for Star Lord, quite possibly the role of Chris Pratt’s life, and there was the usual fun spotting game to be had. We managed Brendan from Hollyoaks and Kirk from Gilmore Girls. Who would have thunk it?!

Wants: I’m being economical here. My constant saving so I can get on with my summer plans for next year means very few treats for this Emily. However, this week I did manage to squeeze in my first haircut in probably a year and a nice little vinyl shop. This is where charity shops are the best. I managed to dig out two Jam singles for my Dad, along with two Beat singles and a Style Council one, plus a cheeky Dee-Lite single for Momma Solan, not to mention my own purchases of Switches, Test Icicles, Cajun Dance Party, The Ordinary Boys and Larrikin Love. Indie Disco anyone? Seriously, if anyone is ever on the look out for mid-naughties indie head to Headingley, the ones I left behind included Be Your Own Pet, The Others, The Paddingtons (regretting that one kind of…) and Hot Hot Heat. What a treasure trove. I also bought this sneaky little purchase:


I’m so excited to crack into this already for Sunday. We go again! Especially with my soft spot for Markovic and the fact that he looks like he belongs in 10 Things I Hate About You rather than a football team. This also needs to tell me to step right back out of my still occurring 90s phase…

Music: So back to that gig. This is another one of those ‘I’ve been waiting all year for this’ gig. Neutral Milk Hotel. Yes, Neutral Milk Hotel. In The Airplane Over The Sea is such an incredible song and to actually see it live was such a special moment. Not forgetting On Avery Island also, it was a sight to behold. And such a refreshing one with banned photos so I didn’t have to watch it through someones phone screen! Opening with Two Headed Boy, little old me that was two, yes two (!) people away from Jeff Mangum let out a little sob. With almost a dream set list and almost replicating the records exactly, it is one of those gigs that I’ll never forget. Especially since every gig I go to this year is smashing my all time top 5 gig list out of the water, what more can the rest of the year hold? The genuine highlight was getting to see Oh Comely live (well actually just everything live) but this was such a special moment, and one I want to relive forever. I still haven’t stopped listening to the band since the gig, but needs must, I feel like I’m clinging on to a dream. Just watching Julian Koster dance around the stage whilst playing the assortment of crazy instruments he does really felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. One that I really hope isn’t, but I at least have the memories and the music if it is. Oh and the bag I bought, given how I’m a sucker for a merch stand at a gig…

I make no promises for no more spontaneous crying when looking back on this moment, and make no promises for regular postings as we have no staff at work! That’s even if I do manage to do anything exciting…



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