Friday I’m In Love #8

Getting back to regular business eventually, here’s yet another instalment of this here little thing.I’m hoping to start off some new features too next week, but I don’t think this is quite the end of Friday… yet! Full steam ahead…

TV: After the Noel Fielding foray, I’m loving re-watching the Mighty Boosh and loads of really random Noel Fielding clips. As tonight is Hallowe’en I’m going to watch the Nanageddon episode and fully embrace the darkness (and have an excuse to eat loads of sweets…). I’m also still fully enamoured with Bones, and I’m almost finished with my re-watch, 9 episodes to go!

Things to do: As things are about to get really hectic at work, I’m using a half shit tomorrow followed by two days off as a chance to escapes and see family before I don’t even get a chance to stop! So I’m jumping straight on the train up to Marske with my knitting in tow to visit the grandparents and completely shut off for a bit. I’m going to need it too after next wee’s jam-packed week, including Nando’s, Bonfire Night, the saddest leaving do and Circa Waves. What a treat…

Wants: I recently finished re-watching Girls, as it’s amazing and completely remembered the limited edition Deborah Lippmann collection that was released. You know I’m a sucker for a make up collection that relates to something I obsess over *cough* Pulp Fiction *cough*, so this is right up my street. A collection of 4 colours, one for each girl in the series. I’m not a fan of green but the Hannah colour is actually one of my favourites in this set, a traditional Hunter green (I can match it to my wells for winter!) and of course the Jessa colour is another that I love, being so close to Mrs Mia Wallace from Urban Decay that is permanently on my fingers and toes! And just look at that packaging too!


Another desperate want over here is a new pair of jeans. I attempted to start the search last payday and ended up almost in tears, so let’s give this another try and return to the beginning. Through my first year at uni I think I wore jeans once, as I was still attempting to find a good pair (and of course I really like skirts and dresses) but I eventually cracked it with the standard black Topshop Baxter pair that everyone owns at least one of! The old style that I loved so much and worn to death are currently reduced to just £25 so I may have to treat myself, even though I’ve strayed since and tried both Leigh and Joni jeans I think Baxter are the ones for me and my enormous ass!

Music: I’m not going to lie, one thing has been playing constantly this week and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 dropped this week and hasn’t stopped playing at all. A departure form her usual country style, but it is utter pop perfection. there’s no overtly sexual lyrics like Rihanna, no faux lesbianism like Katy Perry, just fierce and feisty good clean pop fun. The opening six songs are the some of the finest songs I’ve heard so far this year, especially Blank Space and Style. I’m already secretly counting down until a tour announcement and the vinyl release… Oh and I definitely don’t know all the words already…


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